mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Davide Arcangeli (designer of BMW 5 Series (E60))

Italian automotive designer who first worked for Pininfarina, where he designed Honda Argento Vivo - a sports car prototype (1995) and Peugeot 406 coupe (1996) ;
Davide Arcangeli died in November of 2004 of leukemia.

Arcangeli later went to BMW, where he designed E60/E61 fifth generation 5 series; the car has been subject of many critics not only because of the separated from the volume of the main body Bangle's butt, but also because of the whole front, much lower than usual at the time, with strange non-BMW headlamps which remind of Arcangeli's Peugeot past and a knob of iDrive on the middle console inside, which seemed unpractical and has been the subject of the usual idiotic jokes by the popular BBC car program, has been later taken over by other car brands including Mercedes; what has been really important was the fact that the car sold well outselling competitors and becoming the segment leader in the US, above Mercedes E-class and Toyota Camry

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